Why Women Kill TV Series (2019– ) – One of the Most Amazing and Astonished Ordinary Dramas in a Decade.

Why Women Kill is CBS’s new show this year and also on its streaming service. The story is about 3 couples who live in the same house but in 3 different timelines- 60s, 80s, and 2019. Like the title, it’s about why women want to commit a murder, and its intro uses a comic way to show you how women kill their significant half. It sounds like a dark, crime, murder drama, however, how the creators have presented this series in a comedy way is super brilliant and unbelievable.

Although the storyline is somehow predictable, the performance and the storytelling are so compelling and amazing, beyond amazing actually, not even mention how great the actors are. I’m usually not interested in this kind of couple dramas, which are usually full of irrational emotions, affairs, lies, fights, etc., because it’s too clichéd, but not this one. You would actually follow the character’s views and emotions through the whole 10 episodes. And the last episode is an epic, the directing, writing, production design are all so perfect to make you want to see again to enjoy that climax scene.

The reason I would watch this show was that I worked for a talent management company in the middle of this year and saw Why Women Kill seeking actors to portray their character frequently. The descriptions of the characters and the show sometimes sounded tricky and interesting. So, I was kind of wanting to see what is this show about and couldn’t stop watching every episode since then. It is so good, even now recalling my memory of its last episode would still give me goosebumps. It can’t be described with words how great it was both from the audience’s view and a producer’s view.

This is a drama I highly recommend, no matter what your gender, country, philosophy, the profession is, you would enjoy it. Besides, it’s only 10 episodes, which won’t take a lot of time and you can get a one-month free trial if you are a new CBS All-Access subscriber. Not trying to advertise here since I do not get a penny for doing this, but it’s worth subscribing to this streaming service then watching this series, and cancel it. Free charges to enjoy a fantastic show!

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