South Park – Banned in China

In October, there were several global news and actions about China, such as NBA, Blizzard, and of course, South Park.

Since the 21st Century, no country can ignore China’s rise because of the market of more than 10 billion people. However, the rise of China has not made them more civilized but more autocratic. Not only the ginormous corps but countries would bow to China for money. There is nothing wrong to earn money from a market that has more than a billion people, nevertheless, isn’t selling the soul for money something all the religions and philosophies, and education have told us not to do? But the people we call role models and great examples have been doing so, selling their souls, ignoring the value of democracy and human rights, changing however the China government wants so they can get money. It sounds worse than prostitutes and junkies.

Corps such as Disney, Apple, NBA, Blizzard, etc. have bowed to China for a while and eventually caused the dislike globally; meanwhile, a long-time animation, which has been despised by those who called themselves well-educated, showed the true value of what we should do to the whole world. In the 2nd episode of the 23rd season (really long-time,) they mocked the people who would abandon their integrity to “work for” China and would do whatever it takes to please China so they can do business with them. And whatever happens in that episode is so true, those are the things happening in China and in the world. No spoiler alert here because it is something that could only be understood when watching it.

It is not a shame nor wrong to work with a country that has 1.4 billion population, but it would be against any education we’ve had if doing something for money above human rights.

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