Mulan (2020) – Trailer – Why Disney Only Dares to Change This Adaption That Much?

If you haven’t seen the trailer, it’s here:

(Source: Walt Disney Studios on YouTube)

As you can see, there’s a new witch character, which probably would be the main antagonist, and no Mushu and no singing. (Fans Disappointed With Mushu Not Being Included in New Live-Action ‘Mulan’ Trailer)

This year’s Aladdin and The Lion King both introduced Disney’s classic animations and epic music, and they both in the top 10 box office of 2019 and earned tons of money for Disney. Besides, Will Smith’s Genie is absolutely the best character and had the best performance in that adaption. So, Disney removed Mushu and the originals songs from the animation certainly decrease the value proposition. I never mind having some changes in an adaption but it would be a different content if changing the main elements since it’s an adaption. If Disney wants to make a war film of an ancient Chinese story and female leading, they could just develop a new one, not an adaption. And apprently Disney only dares to piss off Chinese people because Chinese would usually try not to fight but seak inner peace.

I think I won’t go to see this movie in the theater but wait until it’s on Disney+ as my boycott. In addition to Disney’s disrespect, the Webo post of Yifei Liu, who portrays Mulan, also disappointed me. Yifei Liu was my favorite actress from China, however, she supports violence (Liu Yifei: Mulan boycott urged after star backs HK police). I have no problem Yifei Liu wanted to support her country since we all know what kind of country China is. She could just express something like “I love my country” or “I’m with my country”, but she had to post “I’m with HK police, you can beat me now,” which means she supports the HK police to attack their own people, who were not armed, with weapons just because they fought for their freedom. She made the worst choice to express her support to her country and does not deserve to be a celebrity. Every human being should have zero tolerance for violence, especially when the civilians are just fighting for their own rights after they’ve been controlling by a dictatorship for 20 years.


I believe some people would say movies are movies and politics are politics, unfortunately, they never are, especially when it comes to China, where everything is politic-related. Even in Hollywood, it is never that simple as well, otherwise, Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacy would still be active in the industry. Of course, Yifei Liu did not commit a crime, but it does not mean there should have no consequences of her supporting violence and a country should never try to control its people. What a shame for Yifei Liu!

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