How Big Is Your Ego, Elizabeth Banks?

When I saw this on the Internet:

Elizabeth Banks Says CHARLIE’S ANGELS Failure 'Reinforces a Stereotype in Hollywood That Men Don’t Go See Women Do Action Movies'

Elizabeth Banks is a great actress, but honestly, I don’t think she is a great director. Although I haven’t seen the new Charlie’s Angels (so I won’t judge the movie itself), its trailer really did not attract me. I like the previous one starred by Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, and Lucy Liu; however, the cast of this new movie ( Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott, Ella Balinska) can’t really compete it. Although it’s not fair that many people’s impression of Kristen Stewart still stay on The Twilight Saga, she also shows no tremendous value in a commercial movie so far. I’d like to know what did Elizabeth Banks expect? And how dare she to blame her own failure on others when her movie is not appealing?

How come Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel are “male genre” when DC and Marvel had made a lot changes from comic books just to fit the trend of women’s power nowadays. And “men don’t go see women do action movies?” That is so wrong! For example,  this year’s Anna, its trailer intrigued me when I did not know about this movie, and I did enjoy it in theater. Most audience wouldn’t care about what is the gender of making a movie and in it, they just want to see a good movie, which is worth spending more than $10 and the time of 2 hours and the driving to a theater!

It’s true there are relatively less females working in film industry but it’s the poison made since decades ago and it’s not something can be cured overnight. And it does have progress now when people try to bring equality to the industry. Although it’s not enough yet, but it does not become the excuse to degrade males. I respect women and supported women’s rights, but what’s the difference between some women want to limit men’s rights so they can gain more and the male chauvinist used to limit women’s rights?

So, I no longer support women’s rights but equal rights. No one should be treated differently because of their gender. The film crew should be hired based on their skills not based on the gender and ethnicity because some celebrities want to make a whole-women movie or whole-Asian-or-Latino movie. And the box office of a movie should based on how incredible its story and acting is, not which was the gender making it.

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