Disney +’s The Mandalorian – The Spirit of Star Wars Is Back!! (Spoiler Alert)

After an ordinary Star Wars 7 and a ruined Star Wars 8 by Rian Johnson, Disney and Lucas Films finally found back the spirit of Star Wars.


What’s the spirit of Star Wars? For me, it would be an adventurous journey among different planets, species, weapons, beasts, techs, etc., which are not seen in the Star Wars 7 and 8.

In this first live-action Star Wars TV series, which was planned to be a movie spin-off, it introduces a Mandalorian, which its most famous person of the entire race is Boba Fett, and his bounty hunting journey in the galaxy. Its time frame is set to be between Episode VI – Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens, which makes its surprise even more surprising. Because the target of this Mandalorian’s bounty hunting this time is a green-skin baby who is already in his 50’s, and anyone who ever watched Star Wars should be familiar with this kind of green-skin creature- That’s right! The most powerful, wisest, mighty Master Yoda!!


But Master Yoda is already dead in Return of the Jedi, so, who is this baby-look Yoda, who is called “Baby Yoda” on the Internet? Yoda no doubt is one of the greatest character in Star Wars Saga, also the most mysterious one. There is not much information about his past, species, and background, will it be reveled in this TV series? Baby Yoda has made The Mandalorian become one of the most expected show not only because he is so adorable but also because his true identity. Is he the reincarnation of Master Yoda? Or his son or descendant? Now you would wish Disney + could be more like Netflix releasing the whole season at once so we can find out more !!

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