Cats (2019) – Box Office Bomb!! Guess I Was Right!

According to Variety (Box Office Bomb: How Creepy CGI and Bad Buzz Killed ‘Cats’)

If you read my article about how terrible the Cats’ trailer is (Cats (2019) – Trailer -Could Be The Weirdest Musical Film), then now I can say apparently I was not only one thinking that way!

As a movie with $95 million, Cats opened with only $6.6 million box office domestic and $4.1 million international. It would be a Christmas miracle if Cats can surpass $50 million worldwide eventually based on its $10.7 million opening and terrible reviews.

Cats and Sonic released their trailers around the same period and both got super negative responses, however, Paramount understood how severe the problem could be and spent tons of money to fix it (Sonic the Hedgehog (2020) – New Trailer – Why Hollywood Executives Wait to DO It Right After the Audience Got Mad When It Can Be Done Right at the Beginning?) while Universal had done nothing about it, which the box office of Cats has shown the consequences.

Now Universal finally wants to fix it(‘Cats’ Prints Updated by Universal With ‘Improved Visual Effects’), which is already to know, but they announced an upgrade version of it, which had never happened a film with an upgrade version after it is released in the theater.

This upgrade would definitely costed more than $5 million and make the whole budget pass $100 million and probably lose more than $80 million, which could make Cats become the movie loses the most money in 2019.

I hope the Hollywood Studios could finally learn a lesson from the feedback and failures. It is no more the time of the Hollywood Studios deciding what to show the audience but the time of the audience telling the Hollywood Studios what do they want to see.

I personally won’t go to see Cats in a theater to show my protest of this great-cast-but-terribly-made movie. Have you watched it yet? If yes, what do you think?

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