Cats (2019) – Trailer – Could Be The Weirdest Musical Film

In July, the first trailer of the film adapted from the classic Broadway show Cats released, and the critics on the Internet were pretty negative. In case you haven’t seen, please click the link below to see the trailer:

(Source: Universal Pictures on YouTube)

Honestly, no idea what the producers were thinking. The Cats musical used special make-up and costumes because they had to; there was no motion capture tech more than 20 years ago to make an animal movie and cannot use visual effects on a stage play. But now is 2019, there are tons of movie using motion capture tech, such as The Planet of the Apes, Jungle Book, and recently The Lion King, etc., and all showed great performance in the movie. Although the live-action The Lion King did not do an amazing job of the movie, still a good musical (because of the classic and incredible music.)


Nonetheless, this movie could still make tons of money just like the Twilight Saga. A long time ago, I heard a news about the Twilight Saga- a host said something like “There were 50 million of viewers of the movie in the US, but it’s probably not 50 million people have watched that movie, instead, would be 10 million teenage girls have watched five times instead.” So, it could be foreseen that Taylor Swift’s fans would love to show their supports to this movie no matter how weird it is. We are about to find out a month later as the movie would be in a theater on Dec. 20th.


There’s no news the production company would make any changes like Sonic the Hedgehog has done. Sonic the Hedgehog released its first trailer around the same time as Cats, and the responses were pretty similar. Nevertheless, the director of Sonic the Hedgehog promised they would make some changes and they truly did; the new trailer has been released this week and looks much better.


The Hollywood Studios are managed by MBA graduates, who consider things based on the numbers and profits, and they decide how to make a movie and what’s in it. And these two cases have shown them that what would happen when you let some people be in charge of a project they have no passion and no love for, and they complain it’s shitty to make money on films nowadays. God bless Hollywood and no classic character or projects would be suffering like this no more.

What do you think about the trailer? Feel free to leave a comment below.

2 thoughts on “Cats (2019) – Trailer – Could Be The Weirdest Musical Film

  1. Hi Ryan, thanks for all your movie reviews! So interesting, I find this movie being really weird?? I saw the trailer when I was watching Charlie’s Angels the other day and cats doesn’t seem to be good at all. I should probably not judge it. I should probably go watch it 🙂

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