Knives Out – Probably the Best Mystery Film I’ve Ever Seen in the Past 20 Years! (Spoiler Alert)

Why 20 years? Because this kind of well-written mystery movie with great acting and a big twist are rare to see. The last movie could amaze me with a compelling storyline is probably The Sixth Sense (1999), which happens to be 20 years ago.

Parasite – A Dramedy Tells a Tragedy of the Bottom of Korean Society. (Spoiler Alert)

The story starts with a private college tutor asking his friend to replace him as he is going to be an exchange student because he falls in love with his student and does not want anyone else to tutor her.

Joker (2019) – Amazingly Inhuman Acting in a Fine Dark Movie (Spoiler Alert)

Although Joker is the iconic supervillain of Batman, this is not a superhero movie at all, and the only thing relates to this movie to the comic book would be the name of the characters. Other than that, this is a movie that criticizes and points out the problems of our society via Joker.