Black Widow (2020) – Teaser- Marvel’s Most Wanted Female-lead Movie Is Finally Coming! (Spoiler Alert)

In case you have not watched the trailer yet, please enjoy the teaser:

Natasha Romanova, aka Black Widow, is a Russian spy later recruited as a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. Her background is pretty much the same but her age would be very different from the comic books, which will talk about that in the future when introducing the Marvel characters.


To those who already watched Avengers: Endgame would know Black Widow is already dead in the MCU, thus this Black Widow movie would be a prequel. Rumor said Marvel wanted to make a Black Widow & Hawkeye movie a few years ago, which would be reasonable since the MCU has shown these two have a history more than once. Now, however, Hawkeye will have his own TV series on Disney+ in the near future. So, it’s very likely we won’t see Hawkeye debut in this movie other than being mentioned only.


As a former Russian spy, it’s not surprising to see Black Widow and her former Soviet associates, for example, the Red Guardian, which is the Soviet version of Captain America, in the teaser.


What gets me excited the most is my goddess Rachel Weisz also debuts in this movie; her character is Melina Vostokoff, aka Iron Maiden, who is Black Widow’s notable nemesis. Connecting this with the teaser, which shows Rachel Weisz’s character is like Black Widow’s family, the storyline might be another cliche about sisters/family-used-to-be become enemies because of either mistakes or choosing sides. Nonetheless, Marvel is known for changing the plots from the comic books and sometimes pissing off their fans, therefore, it is possible to see a different story since there is another supervillain- Taskmaster (the one who attacks with a bow and arrow in the teaser), which would be the main antagonist.


Maybe Melina Vostokoff would be an ally in this one and becomes Iron Maiden in the end, then becomes the antagonist in the sequel if there would one. What do you think about that? Please feel free to leave your comment.

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