Back to the 90s! The Live-Action Version of “Lost in the Woods” Music Video from Frozen 2

Have you seen Disney’s latest animation movie Frozen 2? If you have, did you laugh the whole time like I did when seeing Kristoff sings in the style of music video back to the 90s?

Unfortunately, there is no video of the scene from Frozen 2 due to the copyright issue, but you can still get the sense here:

Isn’t that remind you the music videos you had seen in the 80s-90s if you are as old as me lol

Not surprisingly it caused a buzz on the Internet, and the emperor Disney would never let any chance that could make its kingdom bigger slip through his finger. They, therefore, made this new MV keep Frozen 2 in the trend- a live-action version of the scene- and the sets are very alike.

Let’s cut the crap and watch the video now:

Which version do you like better? Animation or live-action? I like the animation better, but the live-action one still made me laugh lol And do you think it’s the style of the 90s? Feel free to leave your comment.

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